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The college offers exam training:

– PET (Preliminary English Test)
This is an intermediate level exam. It corresponds to CEFR level B1 and indicates that you are able to use your English skills in a professional or academic environment.

– A2 KEY: The Cambridge English Key for Schools.
It is an A2 level beginner English exam on the CEFR scale indicating that a student is able to use simple everyday written and spoken English.

In High School


The  TOEIC  (Test Of English for International Communication)

is a  widely recognized internationally standardized English exam  .

The TOEIC test is used to assess the ability of people, for whom English is not their native language, to  communicate in an English-speaking professional environment .

In High School


The ELYTE test (Evaluación Lingüística y de Técnicas Empresariales)

is certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Spain in France, under the control of a teaching team which develops the tests. With this test, we certify the level of Spanish language skills through four areas of skills, included in the European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​( MCERL ).

The results are analyzed overall and by skills. Candidates obtain a certificate which indicates the results by category as well as the overall level obtained.

Washington Academy

Dual diploma

The Dual Diploma offers students a unique learning experience.


They have the opportunity to participate in cultural and linguistic exchanges, interact with international students and immerse themselves in different educational environments.

This experience promotes their open-mindedness, their adaptability and their ability to work in an international context.

By obtaining both the French and American baccalaureate, students are offered numerous professional opportunities.

They can continue their studies in French or American universities, work in international companies or even undertake diplomatic careers.


This double degree constitutes a real asset on the job market, offering students international recognition and increased competitiveness.