The European Spanish section at the general high school offers students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

Through specific lessons and complementary activities, students develop their language skills and their understanding of Spanish-speaking society.

This section also allows you to address European themes linked to Spain, thus promoting openness to the world and cultural diversity.

The European Spanish section is a real asset for higher education and future international careers.

It encourages open-mindedness, intellectual curiosity and mastery of a language that is increasingly important in today’s global context.


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The European section in English offers a deep immersion in the English language and culture.

Through specific lessons and enriching activities, students develop advanced language skills while exploring the nuances of English-speaking civilization.

This immersion goes beyond simple linguistic acquisition, it also encourages intercultural understanding and awareness of European issues.

Students benefit from a stimulating learning environment, where the English language is truly at the heart of their educational experience.

The European English section opens doors to new academic and professional opportunities, while cultivating a deep and nuanced understanding of the English-speaking and European world.


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The assessment section at the college offers an open door to cultural and linguistic wealth.

Whether in Spanish or German, students explore new horizons, broadening their perspectives.

The review section also encourages curiosity and open-mindedness.

It is a valuable opportunity to immerse yourself in a new language from an early age, laying the foundation for strong language proficiency and intercultural sensitivity.